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What do we do?

Design, develop and create value products and services that aid in everyday situations.

What are we looking for?

Our goal is to provide high quality software and hardware products, with market best practices to support in daily tasks.


Something doesn't work as expected? Looking to make products work in other ways or simply to create something new? Our hardware team has international and local experience, with companies of Sillicon Valley, to design and develop those ideas.


In the digital era we are exposed to new ideas, upgrades and ways to develop solutions that require creativity and knowledge. For that our software teams has contributed to multiple industries satisfying demanding requests utilizing best practices and technology.

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Our solutions

Below our actual products and services that are ready to use, while we continue developing the next for your future use or custom requests.


Where is he/she? When did he/she arrived? Did he/she finished all the requests? These and more are the questions we realize each day when he collaborate with field service teams. We offer you OptaCheck, live tracking and collaboration platform that allows to keep everyone informed about arrivals and departures with photos and realize personalized forms based on their needs. Want to try it? Go to, create a user, invite your team and done!

Somos GPS

A car or a fleet, it's always important to know where is it. For that reason our gps location services is based on the idea of an easy and accesible solution for everyone. With it you will see where is your vehicule in real time, generate geofences, schedule alarms for transit time or speed. You can check more information at Contact us to make a free demo.

Idea Lab

What's in the market doesn't solve your need? You want a different product or service? We are in the same page! We're always working in different ideas and proposals to achieve our objectives and goals of our clients. If you have any idea, upgrade or update that your are looking to work in software or hardware, contact us and would help you.


We share some numbers of our services

Missions worked in OptaCheck

Visits registered in OptaCheck

GPS coordinates registered in Somos GPS

Somos GPS

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Everyone can collaborate

In Optagonal we believe that any idea or concept can become something real depending on believe and participate. We are always open to new challenges and opportunities to collaborate with companies, institutions and persons from any industry. Don't hesitate to contact us.


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